About the site

ANZ Bank Travellers' Guide to Canberra
Travellers’ Guide to Canberra, c1950

This site tells the story of modernist residential architecture and the development of Canberra, through profiles of significant Canberra houses, architect biographies and articles about architectural styles and heritage issues. I hope that by bringing this story together online it might stimulate an interest in Canberra’s mid-twentieth century modernist heritage.

The content for the site has been drawn from citations in the Australian Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Register of Significant Twentieth Century Architecture (RSTCA), my own research and conversations with house owners. This is a personal, totally self-funded website. While the AIA provide access to citations in the (public) RSTCA, this site is not affiliated with them in any way, nor is it supported by or connected with any other bodies or businesses.

Interested in contributing?

Contact me if you have any comments about the site, would like to contribute stories or work together on related projects. My email address is martin at canberrahouse dot com dot au.

Who helped?

This site is a personal venture and any mistakes on it are mine. However, three people in particular have helped me with aspects of the content:

  • Graeme Trickett, architect and Chair of the AIA’s RSTCA Committee;
  • Tim Reeves, with content; and
  • Justin Walsh, with editing.

Copyright and privacy

This site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License, which allows you to to copy, distribute and transmit the work subject to certain conditions. Most of the images on the site were made in accord with the architectural photography provisions in the Copyright Act 1968. Others, such as the photograph of 11 Northcote Crescent, Deakin, are reproduced here with permission. Permission to use material on this site will almost certainly be granted if you ask me.

I have not disclosed information about the identity of the owners or residents of the houses featured on this site unless that is a matter of public record, or I have received the permission of those individuals. I ask that visitors to this site respect the privacy of the house owners/residents. None of the photography on this site involved unauthorised access to private property or otherwise infringed on the rights of the residents of the houses. Finally, I do not collect information about users of this website for provision to a business entity or any other institution and I do not sell or otherwise provide profiling data or mailing lists to other bodies.