145 Mugga Way, Red Hill (1965)

145 Mugga Way
The Cater House

The Cater House, at 145 Mugga Way, Red Hill, was designed by leading Sydney architect Russell Jack of Allen, Jack and Cottier in 1965. The house is an example of the late twentieth century Sydney regional style.


The Cater House is listed on the ACT Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Register of Significant Twentieth Century Architecture. It is regarded by the AIA as an excellent example of the late twentieth century Sydney regional style and was an advanced design in Canberra at the time of its construction.

The house is innovatively designed to give privacy, good aspect and views over Canberra. It was awarded the Canberra Medallion for 1965.


The house is sited close to the street and top of the block to take advantage of views across Canberra. The house is introverted in character (similar to the Wilson House in Mirning Crescent, Aranda), with one window only facing the street and a wall screening the carport.

The house is designed on three levels to follow the slope of the site and reinforces the separate functions of the house and requirements of the clients. The use of internal courtyards further enhances the privacy of the house.

Materials used in the construction of the house are simple. Load bearing brick walls and timber framed metal deck roof with stained timber windows and posts. Externally and internally the walls are bagged and painted white.


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